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photography by suzanami
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photography by maureen "suzanami"

♣ this is just a place for me to dump photos that i take. not everything here is professional art or anything like that. in fact, i might just throw crappy boredom shots of things in here. nothing to be impressed by. but it's somewhere for me to put it all. :P

♣ feel free to friend this community to see updates on your friends list... whenever updates happen. just know that i may make five posts at once, or i might not update for weeks. you never know. but don't be surprised if i flood your flist, kay?

♣ you can view my photos of my little ponies specifically at sunnybunch, if you're curious. some photos may be cross-posted here, some not. depends on my mood.

♣ don't fricking steal my photos. if you want to use a picture for an icon, layout, project, whatever, please just ask first. a link back is also appreciated. nicer photos are watermarked.

♣ i use a canon powershot S1 IS unless otherwise specified. (i do occasionally still use film and scan the photos) i don't pay attention to my settings when i use them, so i can't tell you what they are for any given shot. sorry!

♣ the username is based off my favorite anime series, Eureka seveN, referring to the skyfish in the series.

♣ my personal journal is suzanami, if you're curious. you don't need to be on my personal flist in order to friend this community!